Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Purchase The webshop is operated by Arany Kaviár Gourmet Ltd. (henceforth: Provider)....

Conditions of Purchase

The webshop is operated by Arany Kaviár Gourmet Ltd. (henceforth: Provider).

Registered Site: 2317 Szigetcsép, Barátság sziget 14.
Contact Person: Szalay Edina
Phone Number: +36 (70) 866 53 13
E-mail Address: info@aranykaviar.com
Bank Account Number: 14100127-68369849-01000000
VAT Number: 13203265-2-13

Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

  1. In case of registration and/or purchase, the user intending to use the services of the Webshop is required to accept present Terms and Conditions (henceforth: T&C) by clicking the appropriate box in the form. Acceptance of the T&C creates a contract between Provider and the user of the Webshop.
  2. In case the user does not accept the T&C, the user cannot use the services of the Webshop, cannot register and cannot place an order.

Ordering process:

  1. Registration

Browsing the webshop (this includes reading its content, viewing the product pages) does not require any registration. However, before ordering any product, User is required to register by supplying official name, delivery address, billing address, valide e-mail address and phone number. Supplying these data is to facilitate delivery. Before submitting your order, you have the opportunity to re-check all of the details, make changes and or abandon the whole process. After submitting the order, these data cannot be modified anymore. Should you need to change them, please contact our colleague by phone or via e-mail using the contact details specified above.

  1. Basket use
  2. Compiling the order
  3. Checking and modifying the given data
  4. Submitting the order
  5. Confirmation of the order

The Sales Contract

  1. A sales contract is created between the customer (user) and the Provider when the user sends an order on the Webshop’s website and the Provider confirms the order via e-mail. (If the confirmation e-mail does not arrive to the customer in 48 hours, the customer is exempt from the contract obligations , is not obliged to buy the ordered item(s) or service(s)).
  2. The customer accepts the contract being created to be a legally binding written contract governed by Hungarian law. The provisions of the current T&C apply to the contract.
  3. The contract is created in Hungarian language and is automatically stored by the Webshop in electronic form. The contract is available to the customer after logging into the Webshop. It’s contents can be read, saved or printed.
  4. The customer may not resell the products purchased in the Webshop of Provider.

The product

Caviar is a special product, which is naturally prone to quick deterioration. Fresh products shall be stored refrigerated, following the instructions on the product label. Caviars must be consumed before the „Best before” date stated on the packaging. After opening, caviars must be consumed within 2 days.
Users can view the product’s essential properties on the description pages of the products.
Our offers can change without prior notice. Although our products must answer the highest quality requirements, and they go through all the necessary controls on each delivery, there may be slight changes compared to the pictures of the Webshop due to the singularity of the product.


The prices displayed in the Webshop include VAT, but DO NOT include the cost of delivery. Prices refer to one bottle or one piece of product, unless specified to the contrary in the product description.

Delivery options


Provider shall deliver the ordered products at the date previously agreed upon with Customer. Customer shall inspect the package against any damages at the time of receiving the package. If the packaging is damaged, details must be officially recorded in a protocol. The courier service shall be responsible for any damage to the packaging. In such cases the takeover shall be denied and Provider shall be informed in order to be able to take the necessary steps towards the courier service.
Within Hungary: Magyar Posta (Hungarian Post Service)
Express post, special packaging
Shipping within the EU
Abroad: FedEx
Shipping fees are added to the bill at the confirmation of the Order depending on the size of the shipment and the payment method. The Order shall be confirmed within 24 hours. After confirmation, shipping is usually performed within 24-48 hours, provided that the order is submitted before 4.00 pm (16:00), except on weekends and public holidays.
Shipping outside of the EU
Orders concerning delivery outside of the EU are processed individually.
Purchasing conditions may vary depending on delivery deadlines or extra fees (export lincence, freight costs, duties, tariffs, etc.), which all shall be covered by Customer.
In case you are ordering from outside of the EU, please contact our colleague directly, because other conditions may apply (costs, delivery deadline).


Personal takeover

In case you opt for personal takeover, you can collect the ordered products at:
Arany Kaviár Restaurant – 1015 Budapest, Ostrom u. 19.
This form of delivery does not have any extra costs. In the case of personal takeover we can only accept cash payment.

Payment methods

1. Payment online with credit card.
The online payment with credit card are made through by the Simple Pay payment system. The Customer’s payment is made directly on the site operated by OTP Bank and operating in accordance with the rules and security regulations of international card companies. The Service Provider informs the Customer that the Customer’s bank card data (number, expiry date, security code) will not be known during the payment and will not store any information about it. If the Customer wishes to pay with the SimplePay payment option, he is obliged to provide the credit card details in order to pay for the Product or Service. The Service Provider informs the Customer that, keeping security in mind, SimplePay continuously monitors and supervises individual transactions.
The Buyer acknowledges that the following personal data stored in the user account of Arany Kaviár Gourmet Ltd. 2317. Szigetcsép, Barátság sziget 14. in the user database of https://aranykaviar.hu/en/delivery/shop/ will be handed over to OTP Mobil Ltd. and is trusted as data processor. The data transferred by the data controller are the following: name, address, e-mail address, phone number.
The nature and purpose of the data processing activity performed by the data processor in the SimplePay Privacy Policy can be found at the following link: http://simplepay.hu/vasarlo-aff
We accept: MasterCard, Visa, American Express
2. Bank transfer (payment in advance)
3. Personally, in cash, at the takeover of the products (cash on delivery)

Obligations of the Customer

Customer shall inspect the package for completeness, obvious defects and damages at the time of receiving the package. If the packaging is damaged, details must be officially recorded in a protocol.
After delivery, Customer takes full responsibility regarding the storage conditions and consumption of the products. The delivered product shall be consumed before the „Best before” date indicated on the product.
The products purchased in the Webshop of Provider cannot be re-sold.
Customer shall warrant for giving his/her own personal data, and does not carry out orders of other legal entities. Provider reserves the right to cancel the order upon becoming aware that the Customer has supplied false data.
After delivery, Customer shall assume all possible risks. In case of any damage to the product during transport, any complaint shall be submitted to the courier service. Provides shall not be held liable for any transport damages, unless Provider’s responsibility can be clearly proven.


Provider shall not be held liable for any risk, direct, indirect or consequential damage of the Customer arising from the use of any online system, including but not limited to malfunction, breakdown, intrusion or computer viruses.

Ownership richts

All texts and pictures in the Webshop are the properties of Provider, their unauthorized use in any way is strictly prohibited. Provider will take all necessary legal actions to prevent or to stop any unlawful, fraudulent use of protected material.

Governing law

These T&C and the relationship between the Customer and the Provider shall be governed by the laws of Hungary.

Modification of the Terms and Conditions

Arany Kaviár Gourmet Ltd. reserves the right to modify and apply present Terms and Conditions.


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