Fish farm

Arany Kaviár Restaurant started a cooperation years ago with a fish farm in Kisbajcs in North-Western Hungary, specialising in caviars and various species of the sturgeon family. This relationship was fruitful for the Restaurant too, since by now we can pride ourselves on having an outstandingly broad selection of freshwater and seawater fish as well as seafood. Besides zander, sturgeon, catfish and trout you can also find here the autochtonous Hungarian fish: the sterlet.
The sterlet and its caviar from the fish farm in Kisbajcs was the mandatory ingredient of the fish plate at the European Finals of Bocuse d’Or 2016, which we consider a huge professional success. Owing to various development projects in the past few years, the farm can now carry out the reproduction and breeding of sturgeon in a modern environment, using green energies. Almost single-handedly in Europe, for more than 20 years the farm has done enormous efforts to strenthen the sturgeon population in the Danube river.